Hybrid events, tailored to you.

Virtual and in-person are better together.

Get the best of both worlds.

Create a unique, engaging event.

Taoti Events handles every part of the event lifecycle online and off. That means more engagement and less overhead, bigger audiences and streamlined production, happier sponsors, and increased revenue. It means an unparalleled, truly bespoke solution modeled around what makes you you. Want to create something truly memorable for your audience? Taoti Events is your strategic partner.  
Virtual Event Platform
A digital venue.

Not a website.

Our proprietary Virtual Event Platform is designed around your goals down to the pixel. User journeys track with your agenda; live chat, polling and Q&A are customized to meet your engagement needs, networking opportunities, real-time notifications, sponsored ad units — the list goes on.  
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multiple examples of cool digital venue design layouts and homepages that vary in color and architecture all laid out on a surface
Hybrid Production Management


An event that actually runs smoothly.
Gone are the days of in-person only. Taoti Events’ production process is hybrid-first. Speaker and agenda management, set design, lighting production, AV engineering, stream producers, graphic designers — if it requires production, we have the right producer.  
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one cameraman filming a group of four enthusiastic speakers on a stage in front of him
Strategic Consulting
From creating a concept to developing a comprehensive plan,

it's covered.

It can be tough to adapt your brand for online audiences, level-up your streaming capabilities, surprise and delight attendees, or simply get your hybrid event off the ground. A strategic partnership with Taoti Events means embedding event design experts to answer your pressing questions.  
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a man in a grey button down shirt points to a sticky note showing a woman in an orange top something on a glass pane full of other sticky notes. The woman looks curiously at the note in front of her
Creative Services & Marketing

Shine on,

brand, shine on.
Let the award-winning marketing and design team at Taoti Events maximize your reach. Need a handful of social graphics? Looking for a keepsake for in-person attendees?  Want to develop an unforgettable smile-inducing full-scale integrated marketing campaign? Sign us up.
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a grid of four examples of unique and sleek social and webpage graphics are laid out on a flat surface
A digital venue, not a website.

Virtual Event Platform

A woman with blonde hair and sunglasses looks off into the distance and is surrounded by tall bushes

Hybrid events are only as strong as the software that connects everything.

Our Virtual Event Platform is a digital venue; an online manifestation of your gathering.

The German Marshall Fund's Brussels Forum event overview page with registration links, agenda links, and a link to a teaser video
Exceptional, 100% custom design crafted just for your brand
Flexibility to redesign, remove, or create entirely new pages
Engage your audience with an interactive, dynamic main stage
Unique, interactive opportunities tailored for your sponsors
a white apple desktop keyboard and white apple mouse to the right of the keyboard at the edge of a white desk
Easily manage attendees, sponsors, sessions, and integrations
a man with blonde hair, rounded glasses, and a blue t-shirt looks to the left and smiles and is surrounded by various green plants and a barn door and large windows behind him
I must admit I was blown away by how well everything went. It was a home run! So encouraging, helpful, and fun.
Trey Morris
Finally. An event that actually runs smoothly.

Hybrid Production Management

Gone are the days of in-person only. Our approach to event production is designed for your entire audience — online or off.

Let's get logistical.

Before the event starts is when the real work happens.
  • Agenda Management
  • Speaker Management
  • Connectivity & Technical QA
Live Stream Broadcasting

On the air.

A successful, secure stream is most of the battle.
  • Video & Audio Engineering
  • Quality Control & Chat Mods
  • Graphics Production
Live Event Production

Experiential FTW.

In-person attendees are our brand loyalists.
  • Soundstage & Venue Design
  • Stage & Talent Coordination
  • Lighting Production
a backlit film crew with multiple cameras, screens, and wires flims something on a white background set

Streaming's never been easier.

Technical leads, streaming engineers, and PAs are onsite to ensure quality.

On the left, one man reads a script with markings on it in a dark room with a desk. On the right, a man and a woman work together at a desk and look onto a computer screen with a keyboard and mouse

Pre-production is where the real work is done.

Together, we’ll build a plan of attack that doesn’t spare a detail.

A cameraman with a large camera, headset, and iphone, films a speaker in front of him

Live events never looked better.

Every moving part of your live event is accounted for.

From concepting to planning, it's covered.

Strategic Consulting

Together, we can create and produce an event from scratch. We can embed with your team to ideate and plan. A strategic partnership with Taoti Events means expert assistance,

no matter your needs.

Event Conceptualization

This is where we define the foundation for your event. Let’s create something new or visualize and refine current concepts.
Sponsorship Strategy

Any hybrid event requires tiered packages and branded collateral that hook sponsors (and provides ROI, of course).
Programming Design

Establishing the timing, schedule, and format of an event is crucial to its success. Our team can take that off your plate.
A woman wearing a brown embroidered shirt holds a microphone and smiles while a large screen in the background projects bright colors, shapes, and a title
The Taoti team went above and beyond in exceeding our expectations. They instantly became part of our team and were driven until completion. Because of Taoti’s incredible efforts, our event was hugely successful.
Michelle Younkman
Executive Director, Christian Music Broadcasters
Shine on, brand, shine on.

Creative Services & Marketing

Tell your event’s story before, during and after. Engage your community and reach new audiences.
Marketing & Communications

Tell your event’s story.

Engage your community and reach new audiences.
The experienced marketing and communications team at Taoti Events creates engaging campaigns for events large and small. As your strategic partners, Taoti Events is here to develop a content strategy, creative assets, and oh-so-much copy to broaden your audience.
seven mockups of blue holiday giveback campaign page examples lay flat on a dark surface
Graphic Design
Physical collateral. Lower thirds. Social assets.

Name it. We make it.

Having Taoti Events design all the visual components of your event ensures a unified and robust brand gets applied to every aspect of your hybrid event. We offer all kinds of branded deliverables, including virtual backdrops, invitation templates, and official documents and materials.
a man with a yellow hat uses his digital pen to draw and design a boy doing work on a computer on his digital work screen
Sponsor Swag
The people love goodies.

Let's give the people what they want.

Send attendees swag boxes full of branded gifts from you and your sponsors! Taoti Events can work on the graphic design for the items and packaging. This could be an excellent opportunity to break through the noise and offer your sponsors a unique way to engage your audience.
Let's do this
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